XebiaLabs introduces DevOps ChatBot

XebiaLabs has added new release dashboards and introduced a DevOps ChatBot in order to help enterprises orchestrate and control large and complex releases so they can produce software in a more efficient way, quickly, and with less errors.

Brand new features

The XL release will now allow companies to automate, orchestrate and gain visibility into their software release pipeline, as the new configurable dashboards that have been introduced, alongside the productivity feature, are designed to help manage complex; multi-level and interdependent software release pipelines.

“As releases happen faster and pipelines grow more complex, enterprises know they need to do more than automate their release processes. Just as importantly, they need a way to understand, organise, manage and monitor large amounts of interdependent release information,” said Derek Langone, CEO at XebiaLabs. “We designed the new capabilities to meet the needs of large enterprises that are focused on achieving business results – whether they are working with existing middleware and big data systems, or implementing new container or IoT initiatives.”

The two main highlights of the 5.0 XL Release are the customisable release dashboard, and the advanced release pipeline orchestration.

DevOps ChatBot

In order to assist in boosting communication amongst DevOps teams, XebiaLabs has now introduced a new ChatOps feature, as many DevOps teams already use chat tools in order to better communication with one another and work more efficiently.

The plugin for XL Deploy facilitates communication and increases productivity by allowing teams to effectively monitor deployment activity; trigger deployments and trouble shoot incidents from inside their chat tool of choice.

Written by Jordan Platt