Why attend the DevOps Industry Buying Forum 2020?

DevOps is more than just a practice, it is a culture and way of thinking that uses both communication and co-operation to bring together software developers and other IT professionals. It enables these teams to help progress and develop a firm at the same time as automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

From small teams to large corporations, DevOps is becoming more and more popular as engineers, developers and those in various IT operations realise the benefits of collaborating across the board.

However, as work becomes more complex, teams can sometimes be bombarded with options, ideas and the latest in tech, which can become overwhelming, to say the least. Implementing changes to IT infrastructures can become challenging when firms are being pushed and communications starts to fade.

This can become very frustrating when ultimately, the point of DevOps is to come together as a team to work towards the same goal and improve an organisation through increased deployment speed and frequency, as well as higher quality product output and lower failure rates.

The buyer’s forum

The DevOps Industry Forum, held at the iconic British Museum, is a complimentary one-day event aimed at IT professionals who are looking to understand the latest in technology trends, as well have an opportunity to learn and investigate the products and services available in the coming year.

Happening on 31st March 2020, the event will give experts the chance to learn about and explore the latest in cutting edge technology, services and solutions through:

  • People and processes
  • Tools and technology
  • Strategy and management

People will then have the opportunity to decide if they would like to progress with any purchasing decisions which may benefit their organisations in moving forward.

A chance to relax

Attendees will be able to relax at the forum as they sit in on conferences and visit exhibitions, whilst considering case studies, opinions and user experiences presented to them. This allows people to make informed decisions regarding the products that may work best for them and their companies.

This format allows those attending to:

  • Remove the hustle and bustle of an exhibition and reduce distractions
  • Increase 1-on-1 time with people, enabling a more detailed understanding of products and services
  • Make a more focused and informed decision in buying products

By attending the complimentary DevOps industry Forum delegates are able to make faster, more informed decisions as to which products & services will help them to move their businesses forward, saving time and increasing ROI.

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