Which companies are adopting DevOps – and why

Fresh insights into who is adopting DevOps, and how many of them are including the database, based off of a recent State of Database DevOps survey.

State of Database DevOps survey

1000 companies and organisations from around the world participated in the survey, over half of which employ 500 people or more, a new survey from Redgate Software reports.

With an equal split of respondents at developer level and manager level or above, the results present the most accurate picture ever gathered of the true state of DevOps for the database today.

Adopting a DevOps approach

Chief among the findings is that 47% of respondents have already adopted a DevOps approach to some or all of their projects – and a further 33% plan to adopt it during the next two years, new research from

Notably, rates of current adoption increase with company size, reaching 59% among companies with over 10,000 employees. However, only one fifth of respondents are applying DevOps practices like continuous delivery to their database, as well as their application.

IT services, retail, finance, and healthcare

A deeper analysis of the results provides some fascinating details about the sectors where DevOps is particularly favored. The highest levels of adoption are in IT services and retail, with finance and healthcare not far behind.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, there are lower levels of adoption in the Government, education, and non-profit sectors, where a higher number of respondents also thought it unlikely they would adopt this new way of working within the next two years.

The need for more education and training

Among those heading towards DevOps, the biggest barrier they face is a lack of appropriate skills in the team, highlighting a need for more education and training. For those respondents with no plans to move towards a DevOps way of working, a lack of awareness of the business benefits of DevOps is cited as the main obstacle, followed by a lack of budget to spend on new tooling.

Integrating database changes

When it comes to integrating database changes into a DevOps process, the main driver is to increase the speed of delivery of database changes. However, as to be expected, priorities vary according to the role of survey respondents.

Developers want to be freed to do more value-added work, for example, whereas database administrators are driven by a desire to reduce application downtime and improve collaboration between development and operations teams. IT directors and C-level executives are more concerned with the need to minimize the risk of losing data.

While the greatest challenge to database DevOps is seen to be applying consistency across application and database development, 68% of those who have already adopted DevOps practices say it would take less than a year to move to a fully automated database development process.


Edited from press release by Jordan Platt.