What is new in tech this week? 22nd November 2019

In general news, it’s a cold, cold November and the parts of the general election are getting pretty cold-hearted. But let’s forget about that and focus on tech news. Here is what is new this week:

EIM platforms

Enterprise Information Management, OpenText recently announced its innovation across its entire portfolio to extend growth and improve the capture. “OpenText builds the world’s most impressive and compelling EIM platform, designed to help companies gain the agility, scale and capability they need to empower their workforces and delight customers,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO & CTO.

Cloud 2.0

Influx data has announced cloud 2.0. As well as other inclusions, the new version has serverless time series platform-as-a-service, built to improve the developer experience. “Businesses have only started to realise the full potential that real-time data insights can bring to their operations, and ultimately, their bottom lines,” said Evan Kaplan, CEO of InfluxData.

Solving identity challenges

Ubisecure is now enabling customers to solve complex identity challenges. John Jellema, VP, product management at Ubisecure, says, “After listening closely to our customers and partners across the year, we’ve worked to enhance our existing procedures to enable and inspire new use cases. With the release of Identity Server 2019.1, I can confidently say that this is our best software package yet.”

New tools

Application network platform builder, Mulesoft, is releasing new tools, connectors and learning modules without the need to write any code. Simon Parmett, CEO, MuleSoft: “By understanding the power of APIs and integration, anyone can accelerate digital transformation from wherever they sit within their company and dramatically increase the clockspeed of innovation.”

Find out what is happening with the weather, politics and, of course, tech, next week.