Vodafone & Nokia to use AI in their network

It was recently announced that Vodafone and Nokia would be using artificial intelligence (AI) in their network to detect issues.

Indeed, the Anomaly Detection Service autonomously will be able to identify if a mobile cell area is showing unusual behaviour and automatically address 80% of all anomalous mobile network issues and capacity demands. This new automated and programmable network will respond quickly to their customers’ needs so as to ensure consistently high-quality performance.

In order to do so, the network will run in a public cloud. It was reported that this will offer a great boost to customer service as it will quickly detect and fix anomalies in the network using machine learning-based algorithms.

Google Cloud declared to be thrilled to partner with Vodafone and Nokia to deliver this data and AI-driven solution that will help scale quickly and leverages automation to increase cost efficiency and ensures seamless customer experiences across Europe.