Veracode reveals DevOps and security have conflicting priorities

An application security company called Veracode announced the results of a study today, which examined the relationships between security teams and application developers.

In conjunction with Enterprise Strategy Group, the study showed that development and security teams have conflicting priorities, such as focusing on product innovation and the creation of DevOps environments, with 58% of survey respondents stating that their organisation is taking a collaborative approach to securing applications.

In hope to determine security and development professionals’ views of application security and software development trends, the research shows that 43% of participants said that organisations currently using application security solutions are more efficient than reactively patching production systems.

‘Innovation and economic growth’

Only 8% believe that adding application security into the development process would slow down a DevOps environment, and 45% said that respondents whose organisation has adopted formal DevOps principles makes work easier for software development teams.

“Software continues to be the major driver of innovation and economic growth. Eliminating perception that there is friction between security and development is a priority for IT professionals,” said Pete Chestna, Director of Developer Engagement, Veracode.

“The positive perception of how security and DevOps can align, as indicated by this research, shows that development teams can and should consider security, an integral part of their process,” she added.

The research also showed that 70% plan to increase application security in the next 12-24 months.

Written from press release by Leah Alger