VCAT to deploy a cloud-based system

It was recently announced that the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) will be trading its manual processes and legacy case management system for a cloud-based solution.

Indeed, this new solution should help the VCAT resolve legal disputes in Victoria much faster and cheaper. The tribunal aims to become more digitally streamlined and contemporary as well as introduce new opportunities for client self-service.

To do so, VCAT’s Planning and Environment division started the transformation project by partnering with PwC and Microsoft to deploy a digital tribunal case management system. VCAT has then managed to digitise its paper files and processes and manage information and work processes across the division.

The new platform is stated to provide information about member availability to hear a matter, room availability, and hearing schedules.

The need to digitise VCAT’s systems was reinforced greatly following the spread of the pandemic, where it became impossible to do everything in person. Hence, the Victorian government announced it would spend AU$5.2 million to upgrade VCAT’s technology system.

VCAT thus started to use Immediation’s online video conferencing platform to host mediation and hearing sessions virtually online and will be deploying the digital platform across other divisions of the organisation.