USPTO to focus on cybersecurity, resiliency, and cloud

It was recently announced that The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will be undergoing a digital transformation, which should help to better deliver enterprise IT focused on cybersecurity, resiliency, and cloud.

Indeed, USPTO declared to be advancing in its modernization efforts and that cybersecurity, resiliency, and cloud represent three key points it is working on.

With the number of cyberattacks rising, it is essential to be prepared and build a strong defense system to protect its infrastructure. It stated that agencies should have a backup plan to get back online if their remote devices short out as well as start moving data to the cloud in order to be more agile and innovative.

Moreover, USPTO is also working in the stabilization of its critical systems to increase security, resilience, and automation. Over the past two years, the agency has already been able to stabilize 22 of its 26 systems.