US to invest massively in AI to counter China and Russia

On Monday, a congressional report was released calling for billions of dollars of U.S. investment towards artificial intelligence (AI) as an effort to counter China and Russia threats.

Indeed, the report aims to get the U.S. Department of Defense ‘AI-ready’ by 2025 in order to stay ahead of China in the development of AI-enabled technologies and capabilities. This report wants to be a wake-up call for the US to be prepared.

Hence, the Pentagon is expected to increase its artificial intelligence research and development to $8 billion a year by 2025 and the DoD to spend about 3% of its budget on science and technology. Besides, nondefense AI R&D spending will likely rise to $32 billion by 2026.

Moreover, it was stated that Pentagon leaders have realized the importance of AI in the future, as the department leadership will have broad visibility in AI projects and measurements from now on.

It also reported that future warfare will depend on AI-enabled autonomous weapons systems. However, this raises some concerns about compliance with international law. Besides, it has become essential that the U.S. need to engage with China and Russia on autonomous weapons.

This shows that our world now considers AI tools to be the first weapons to use between great nations.