US Department of Defense moves to JEDI Cloud

The US Department of Defense moves to JEDI Cloud to enable artificial intelligence capabilities and machine learning.

Currently, its DoD IT infrastructure is a federated legacy environment based on earlier technology.

Now, the federal government of the US hopes its two-year cloud contract with JEDI Cloud will improve affordability, security, data accessibility and performance for business operations.

With JEDI Cloud, DoD is pursuing infrastructure and platform as a service, which is needed to enable the above, advanced capabilities.

Dana White, Chief Pentagon Spokesperson, told reporters today: “Transitioning from legacy systems to the cloud will improve security, data accessibility, affordability and performance for both the warfighter and business operations across the department.

“Acquiring software is not like acquiring ships or planes, but we must adhere to the same acquisition language and laws.

“This contract is an example of how we are modernising the department and reforming the way we do business.”

The ‘Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Programme’ is also not going to encompass other Pentagon cloud projects, according to Defense Systems.

Written by Leah Alger