US cities to modernise IT infrastructures with cloud

Many cities in the U.S. are slowly starting to turn to cloud computing in order to modernize their IT infrastructures and have more scalability, security, and efficiency.

Indeed, various government agencies have started to speed up their cloud projects in the last year so as to ease remote work for employees, secure information as well as create new services for residents. Besides, many states turned to cloud services to improve their unemployment systems.

As a result, Google Cloud is working with several states and local governments to help them make the move from legacy on-premises systems to cloud-based environments. Similarly, last fall, Rhode Island launched a Virtual Career Center with Google Cloud and Wisconsin worked with Google in order to improve its unemployment insurance claims processing.

The main challenges for these communities are the continuity of operations and employee training on cloud technology. Indeed, the process of migrating a system can be overwhelming when it’s already hard to keep everything from falling down.

Hence, it was recommended to start modernization work within a single domain that can be self-contained and single-sourced or with smaller Internet of Things deployment projects that are not mission-critical. This will enable IT teams to learn how to manage the system without having to do a full-scale data center migration.