Unqork discusses how it is empowering both engineers and non-engineers alike

Unqork is an application development platform that boasts that it can assist large firms to “build industrial-grade software without having to write a single line of code.” The company recently secured an $80 million funding in series B funding that was led by Capital G. CEO Gary Hoberman, talks of how they plan to disrupt enterprise funding.

What does something like no-coding mean for the IT world?

Three things:

1/ Speed – people can build faster

2/ Hiring – more people can build, hiring becomes easier

3/ Focus – the most skilled engineers can focus on the most difficult projects

What does no-coding mean for developers in general, are there still opportunities for coders or is this a new way of working that people are going to have to adapt to?

There are still amazing opportunities for developers. Even though no-code can be used to replace things that are currently being built with code, there are still many projects where hand coding is needed. For example, a proprietary trading algorithm wouldn’t be built using no-code. No-code frees up engineers to work on these differentiating projects.

How have you managed to achieve combining the simplicity of a no-code interface with the functionality and power of enterprise-grade software?

Whereas most no-code platforms started with very simple use cases, Unqork started by working with some of the most sophisticated enterprises. This pushed our platform and thinking and forced us to design for complex processes and large enterprises.

With no-code having such high accessibility in general, what are you doing to make sure that it is still simple, yet still has high levels of security?

In the enterprise, security just has to be at the forefront of every decision. Our first hire was an enterprise CISO.

What did you do to be able to secure the Series B funding that you did?

It really came down to product and the traction that we’re seeing in the market.

What does it mean for the company? 

 We’re continuing to invest in our world-class engineering team and expanding our go-to-market geographically and across industry verticals.

How are you planning to shake up the sector with the new funding?

 Our goal right now is to show that no-code solutions can be applied to a variety of enterprise-grade use cases. As we continue to expand our use cases, the platform improves for every new customer.

What trends are we seeing in cloud-based applications right now?

 I think one of the biggest things is a move toward empowering non-engineers to do things that previously weren’t possible. Unqork is a great example of this, but the market is full of others. For example, Data Robot is automating machine learning and putting it in the hands of business users.

It seems as though Unqork keeps going from strength to strength, what does the future hold for you?

Again, right now we’re focused on building a world-class platform and continuing to empower our customers to build amazing things.