Australian government backs United States Congress CLOUD Act

The United States Congress CLOUD Act has been backed by the Australian government, enabling law enforcement such as the FBI to access data stored in the USA and overseas as long as there’s a warrant.

The act allows mutual agreements between the USA and other countries, enabling efficient lawful access to more data, as well as gives Australian authorities the opportunity to access encrypted communications.

‘Government efforts to protect safety’

Angus Taylor, minister for law enforcement and cyber security, said to CIO: “The CLOUD Act will greatly improve the efficiency of law enforcement’s access to the information they need to do their job and strengthen protections of people’s data, no matter where their data is held.

“Timely access to electronic data held by communications service providers is an essential component of government efforts to protect safety and combat serious crime, including terrorism, child sex offenses, and organised crime.”

TRUMP Administration can also sign agreements with other countries as part of the new CLOUD Act.

Written by Leah Alger