UKCloud accelerates cloud services via Microsoft and Cisco

UKCloud today announced that it’s working with Microsoft and Cisco to accelerate the adoption of cloud services across the UK public sector.

Microsoft’s Azure Stack hybrid cloud offering will combine with UKCloud with its own accredited, government-grade platform powered by Cisco’s “world-class integrated infrastructure” as part of the agreement to create new hybrid opportunities for the UK public sector.

‘Advocate of the cloud’

Joanna Smith, CIO at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, commented: “As a big advocate of cloud, I have always appreciated the role that it has played in helping us to modernise our infrastructure, implement new clinical technology and enhance our overall flexibility and productivity.

“In many ways we have been a few steps ahead of other organisations, many of which are still struggling with complex legacy-based technology estates and still retain concerns about the move to the cloud.

“This collaboration between Microsoft and UKCloud should help dispel many of their concerns – with the enhanced assurance, UK data sovereignty and direct connection to government networks, like N3 and HSCN, that it offers.”

‘Maximising developer productivity’

Microsoft’s strategy of consistency between Azure and Azure Stack will enable public sector organisations in the UK to build and deploy applications using exactly the same APIs, DevOps tools and portal, thereby maximising developer productivity.

Michael Wignall, national technology officer at Microsoft UK, continued: “The UK Government is a digital leader, particularly with its original ‘cloud first’ and now ‘cloud native’ policies.

“As one of the country’s leading technology providers, we see it as our responsibility to help meet and encourage these new initiatives and have invested locally to ensure we are up to the task.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger