UK government to end data-sharing agreement with Palantir

It was recently announced that the UK government has put an end to the data-sharing agreement with the US tech firm Palantir following criticism from privacy campaigners.

Indeed, it was reported that the Department of Health and Social Care had decided to move its Adult Social Care Dashboard to a new system called EDGE (Environment for Data Gathering and Engineering), which has been built by a UK defense giant BAE Systems. This was done in a desire to move away from reliance on third-party data analytics platforms and software.

It was also stated that the Dashboard is an add-on to the existing NHS contract and will then transition to a month-to-month basis from September 2021. The move away from Palantir results from its report of negative impact on patient trust and questionable agenda.

Yet, the company still has contracts with the UK Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Defense.