Twitter to have suspended the hacker responsible for stealing data of 45 millions of Argentinians

It was recently reported that Twitter had suspended the hacker responsible for stealing critical data from around 45 million citizens of Argentina.

Indeed, the threat actor declared to have hacked into Argentina’s National Registry of Persons and was offering to share the data on a cybercriminal forum. This data includes names, home addresses, birthdays, national numbers, etc. The hacker had intended to only leak the information of famous Argentines but then planned to publish and sell the data of 1 to 2 million people.

Despite the government of Argentina first denying the attack, it was found out that someone has accessed the Digital Identity System before the Twitter account leaked the data. The hacker stated that it was able to break in due to ‘careless employees’ that let them into the system.

This serious attack is a warning to other governments of the power of cybercriminals as they now have the means and methods to conduct large-scale and sophisticated attacks.