Top DevOps customs

Technology consultant, Harsha Vardhan, shares his 8 best practices for DevOps.

Teamwork, technology, resources, and a healthy work environment: familiar principles in a working society today, aren’t they? Prep yourselves for DevOps and its wonders! The future might very well hold DevOps as one of the best investments for an organisation. This hottest topic in the IT industry deals with cybersecurity like a pro and also successfully uplifts overall work standards in a work community.

According to a study by IndustryARC, the teams using DevOps are expected to enjoy twice the growth as compared to non-applicants. I think failures are expected thrice lesser; deployments frequency doubles itself and there will be a platform for twice the chances of success. So while everybody is going gaga over DevOps, I would like to share few top customs that will help DevOps serve you the best!

Start small, dream big

Aim like a boss but taking one small step at a time is a wise decision. There is no short cut to success, remember?

Embrace experimentation with faith

Don’t let the fear of failure let you fail after all. Get used to trials, efforts, hard work and be prepared for the worst. Smart is he, who knows failure is not the end but it is a new beginning for a better journey. Fall, get up and get going!

Assess and edit that practical target

Always assess your capabilities. Set reasonable targets and always have a watch-dog to track the work. Don’t look back when there is a need to edit the goals.

Choose smart

There is often confusion between spending more and spending right. Spending more clearly is not necessarily spending right! Know what you are investing into. Fetch the right tools, the right software. Make sure you do your homework! Select that cost-effective secret hidden in the market which is compatible as well as convenient to your firm.

Know the importance of breaking the silos

Allow collaborations, group operations, and team contributions. Having walls will only create barricades.

Realise the power of software automation

Cut errors, time and costs- not even manual. Let the smart application do the work for you! The automation can be extended to app source code development, system, and middleware configuration, and even database and networking changes. Important pre-production tests like regression testing and load testing prior to deployment can also be set on automation. This naturally saves loads of resources.

Stay up to date with the constantly emerging concept

Change is the only constant; be quick enough to stay updated to the latest buzz. Let change not let you down!!

Don’t underestimate the power of continuous deployment of applications

DevOps is best leveraged in a continuous app deployment model where sites don’t wait to bundle numerous enhancements into separate software releases but instead opt to continuously embellish and deliver revised applications. A continuous app delivery model with a strong change management system enables new app capabilities to be delivered to the business faster.


Understanding the multi functions and versatility of DevOps is as important as knowing that having one is of utmost necessity today. Cybersecurity leads the top in the list with numerous other branches of applications. Lastly, also remember practicing the shortening of feedback loop! It’s not that difficult to move faster in the DevOps overhaul indeed, is it?

Edited for web by Cecilia Rehn.