The top things coming out of Google Cloud Next ’19

Set in the huge ExCel London, Google Next ’19 UK hosted a plethora of insightful talks, with experts discussing not only what is around the corner for Google, but what the future holds for cloud adoption in general. With so much information to absorb, it’s a bit hard to know where to start with the announcements Google Cloud had. But here are just of the few key points coming out of the2 day event.

Google is trying to incorporate more practices into its European market.

After making waves in Germany and the UK, among other places in the last year, the organisation announced it will be releasing new projects in Zurich as well as making plans to make a home in Poland, too. It also wants to grow more partners in other places in Europe with the aims of assisting in digital transition. It’s hoped the move will assist firms with anything from building a media planning stewardship system to having the ability to use more AI-focused tools.

In a blog post titled, “WPP unlocks the power of data and creativity using Google Cloud” CEO of WPP, Mark Read, says “In the first year of our transformation journey we have invested significantly in our technology capabilities and our strong partnership with Google Cloud is key to helping us realise our vision.”

Modernise as well as move

Google Cloud announced that they don’t just want customers to adopt the cloud, they want to help them modernise techniques using the cloud, too.

Falko Lameter, CIO of Coburg says, “To gain better insights from data, we knew we needed to incorporate advanced machine learning and data analytics in all our applications.”

Therefore, Google announced the launch of Anthos, an app that helps firms to migrate and modernise.

Increasing AI transparency

The global firm has spoken a lot about the advancements they are making in AI, particularly on the ethics and responsibility that they are taking with it. However, at the event, the company spoke of how it will be using its cloud feature to improve the interpretability of AI in which it uses machine learning to learn correlations between numbers of data points.

Stefan Hoejmose, Head of Data Journeys at Sky comments: “Understanding how models arrive at their decisions is critical for the use of AI in our industry. We are excited to see the progress made by Google Cloud to solve this industry challenge.

Partnership extended

Finally, amongst lots of other news, Google Cloud also announced it will be extending its partnership with games company, Improbable. The expansion will mean improved solutions and reduced costs for multi-player game developers.

“Improbable has moved from proving its technology to supporting and simplifying development across the range of online multiplayer games, and Google Cloud is proud to be a part of that ongoing journey,” said Thomas Remy, UKI Head of Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Google Cloud.