The Top 10 Trends in Testing, according to Cigniti

The new CTO of Cigniti, an independent software testing company, has identified 10 trends he believes will define 2015. Pradeep Govindasamy took up his post in January 2015, after 15 years at Cognizant. He picked out the following:

  1.  Security testing will always be one of the key testing trends. As organizations expedite growth and efficiency by interconnecting their systems, processes and procedures over the Internet, security of mobile and other networked devices becomes core specialization.2. It’s all about testing when it comes to Cloud – whether it is testing the applications on the Cloud, in the Cloud or testing the Cloud, it is all very crucial, important and happening. Organizations have to be cloud-ready and testing has immense potential in cloud computing.3. The infinite data out there is ever-increasing. The explosion of data is happening all around; Big Data is no longer a theory or technology jargon but an integral part of every industry vertical. Testing the Big-Data-related applications and solutions is the next big thing in testing.4. Telematics testing will be important. With emerging technological innovations and dynamic business needs of the travel industry, the Automotive IT industry will see tremendous growth in 2015.

    5. The hot trend to look out for in this year is digital commerce testing – this is beyond e-commerce and e-tailing. With the implementation of customized digital commerce solutions by a majority of the retailers, digital commerce testing for usability, security and performance has become important.

    6. The Internet of Things (IOT) is witnessing an exceptional growth spurt. With the growing adoption of IOT, the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. As users expect flawless functioning of the apps and technologies, there will be a tremendous opportunity for IoT testing (devices and software) in 2015 and in the years to come.

    7. DevOps is one of the latest movements in the software industry. Today’s complex IT systems need faster deployment with assured quality in a cost-effective manner. DevOps is a methodology that advocates collaboration and integration between the business, developers and IT professionals. Testing plays a vital role and is all pervasive in DevOps; it holds the entire software development life cycle. The value of skilled professional testing services is rising in the DevOps world.

    8. Service Virtualization plays a very vital role in composite and agile environments where developers & testers face more and more distributed environments, restricted data access, delays in external service/data availability, yet with shrinking deadlines. This is an emerging and hot trend to watch out for in 2015.

    9. As Mobile DevOps, Mobile ERP and Apps markets are catching up to speed, so is the need for mobile testing. According to Gartner, by 2017, over 268 billion downloads of mobile apps will generate cumulative revenue of $77 billion. Hence, mobile app testing has gained prominence in the areas of functional testing, security testing, performance testing, usability testing, regression testing and compatibility testing.

    10. Infrastructure Testing is a set of system & integrated tests in a sandboxed environment to assess the change impact with respect to key technology stacks & report issues found. It is a quality assurance activity before a change can be authorized for implementation. With ever changing needs and demands of IT for various advanced infrastructure needs, this will be a technology trend to look out for.