TestingXperts partners with Panaya

TestingXperts has partnered with Panaya, a leader in continuous delivery of innovation, to enterprise IT applications and to provide next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) testing solutions to its clients.

Panaya Test Centre is a cloud-based test management and automation solution for business-critical applications built around five principles: automation, collaboration, visibility, compliance, and process, delivering real time visibility into the status of requirements as they are being delivered.

Without compromising on quality and stability, the specialist QA and software testing company will leverage Panaya Test Centre, to help its clients accelerate deployments, testing activities and overall project delivery.

‘Assuring the quality of applications’

Manish Gupta, TestingXperts CEO, said: “We are very excited to partner with Panaya, the leader in SaaS-based, end-to-end testing. Leveraging this partnership and Panaya’s cloud-based enterprise agility platform that includes test management, test automation, and application lifecycle management solutions, TestingXperts will enable faster release velocity for its clients while ensuring quality.”

Tim Bisely, Panaya chief revenue officer, added: “Assuring the quality of applications before they are released into production revolves around three factors: cost, quality and time. Panaya is proud to provide test automation that brings cost efficiencies to TestingXperts and value to their customers.”

Using Panaya Test Centre, TestingXperts will also be able to reduce 30% of clients’ overall testing efforts, enabling faster software delivery.

Written from press release by Leah Alger