Testim raise $10 million in Series B funding

Testim, a prominent provider of software testing technology that uses AI, announced it closed $10 million in Series B funding. The San Francisco based company have already made success through enabling businesses to accelerate time-to-market.

They are known for:

  • ‘Super Fast authoring’ in which they are able to build stable tests very quickly
  • ‘Machine Learning Based Self Maintenance’, meaning that automated tests can be trusted
  • ‘Automated Functional Testing’ where Testim uses AI to speed up execution, authoring and maintenance of automated tests.

This ensures that companies sustain a fast release cadence with the highest quality software. The aim of the funding is to address the demand for testing and developing software but without having to compromise quality. The extra money will also benefit the company through allowing them to accelerate autonomous testing.

The money is by numerous companies, but it is SignalFire which stipulated the highest amount of $10 million. Other contributions from Meron Capital, NHN Ventures, Spider Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners took the amount raised to $19.5 Million.

Ilya Kirnos, founding partner and CTO of SignalFire, said: “We invested in Testim early because we recognised its leadership and innovation in the fast-growing test automation space.

“We’ve already seen Testim win customers like Autodesk, NetApp, LogMeIn, Sprinklr and JFrog. With 700% market growth in less than two years, Testim is on track to disrupt the $37 billion testing market with its technology innovation.”

Testim have already achieved their goal of carrying out an impressive 1000 tests in one month. And their collaboration with artificial intelligence means that they are a pioneer in DevOps and automated testing. The company’s founder and CEO, Oren Rubin, spoke of the need to raise money and stay ahead by saying: “To remain competitive, software teams must move faster than ever. We are helping them test more with much less effort, reducing their release risk and increasing their velocity to market.”

The speed in which Software releases are planned is rapidly increasing with Software releases being planned on a monthly basis but are now a weekly occurrence.

This is also similar for updates which now happen almost every day. AI is now being used by application development companies to test automation at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle and to make sure it is more streamline. Testing using artificial intelligence technology is becoming more and more popular as the need for continuous and faster software grows.

“When Testim was founded, our goal was to enable software teams to author tests 20 times faster than before,” Rubin said. “No one believed it was possible but by continuously innovating and leveraging new technologies, we met that goal. Now, we have a more ambitious one – to author 150 times faster through autonomous testing.”

Testim’s new operating officer, Ronit Belson, brings in DevOps experience to her new role. Belson’s previous experience will hopefully mean that Testim will have the opportunity to grow as a company and in operations across North America. The organisation has even been included in the 2019 SD Times 100: ‘Best in Show’ in Software Development for Testing.

Seamless integration is used as part of their work and they are fully compatible on various browsers and platforms. Testim also plan to bring out a mobile network to market which is in its early stages.