Tech Pro says companies are embracing hybrid cloud

Survey participants in recent Tech Pro research said that they would rather have a hybrid cloud model because of the high cost of on-premises solutions.

According to a report in Tech Pros “sister site”, Tech Republic, companies are “increasingly embracing” hybrid cloud as a strategy of its own, because of its deployment combining “reliability and stability” of a private cloud, along with “on-demand capabilities” of the public cloud.

The majority of Tech Pro’s survey participants said they were familiar with the hybrid cloud concept, 36% said their company currently has a hybrid cloud solution, 32% said their company is currently evaluating one, and 32% said their company is not considering it.

The 2017 survey results show “little difference” from its 2016 survey, with the top two reasons for choosing a hybrid cloud model staying the same: to avoid hardware costs and its “usefulness in disaster cost”.

Java programmer at Tech Pro, James Sander, said: “For industries with seasonal or variable workloads, assembling a private cloud to handle normal workloads while relying on public cloud providers to handle burst workloads can be a budget-friendly IT strategy.”

Respondents also noted that, when it comes to choosing a public cloud vendor, companies look for three factors: features and services, cost, and familiarity.

Written by Leah Alger