Takipi Inc. receives US$15 million to help DevOps teams fix bugs

Lightspeed Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures have announced that they will be investing US$15 million in a start-up company called Takipi Inc.

How does the software work?

Takipi has created an analytics service that will allow software engineering teams to automate their tasks. According to Takipi, its new software will run in an organisations application environment to collect operational data and will be able to find relationships between different components of a workload to discover exactly how a particular piece of code can influence another person’s behaviour.

From the information gathered during the above-mentioned process, the software will be able to follow a particular error back to its source, and detect the specific functions and parameters responsible.

A visual dashboard then displays the issue that has presented itself and allows a developer to find all the technical details they need to create and implement a fix.

The benefit of incorporating such software within a company comes down to time. By reducing the amount of time that engineers have to take out of their day to troubleshoot and fix bugs, they will be able to produce much more code in a shorter period of time.

Increasing client roster

The investment received by Takipi is to help the company expand its client roster, and develop new features for its service and hire more salespeople to push adoption. The start-up says that more than 120 companies use its service currently. Clients include: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, TripAdvisor Inc, and outsourcing giant Infosys Ltd.

Adapted from press release by Jordan Platt