Sumo Logic acquires FactorChain to enable security threats

The leading cloud-native platform, Sumo Logic, today announced its acquired the security company FactorChain to enable complex threats spanning IT and security in minutes instead of hours.

Combined with Sumo Logic’s machine data analytics strength across the cloud infrastructure platform, this acquisition accelerates the development of a new class of converged IT ops and security solutions.

Ramin Sayar, CEO of Sumo Logic, said: “We are seeing more and more digital businesses struggling to adapt traditional security models to cloud and modern application delivery.

“Resolving which threats to assess in the avalanche of alerts and how to quickly resolve them is a challenging enough problem in traditional IT environments. However, in the dynamic large-scale cloud environment, this problem can’t possibly be answered without new thinking in security analytics and operations.

Cloud and modern application delivery

“The FactorChain acquisition accelerates our vision of a new model that converges operations and security in the cloud and provides innovative solutions to persistent challenges in investigation workflows at cloud scale.”

Traditional approaches to siloed information, systems and staff are not keeping pace with the scale or rate of change in dynamic modern cloud application delivery.

Fundamental challenges with understanding application and cloud data with existing tools and skill sets, resolving IT vs. security symptoms and root causes and quickly triangulating across cloud scale data sets to resolve threats are preventing the natural extension of traditional methods to the cloud.

DevOps models also require security to align traditional centralised, backlog approaches to threat investigation to new rapid response, and distributed and democratised models.

Written from press release by Leah Alger