Study uncovers less than a third of developers take full responsibility for security

New research from MongoDB has found that 29% of Europe’s developers take full responsibility for security as organisations battle for control and convenience.

When surveyed, over 1500 developers and IT decision-makers (ITDMs) across the UK, France and Germany gave new insight into security practises in organisations today.

The report also shows that an overwhelming amount of developers (92%) and the decision-makers (88%) reassure us that they take appropriate precautions when building new applications.

Yet just 29% of developers take full responsibility.

While the remaining point to security specialists (21%), the business leaders who briefed the project (18%), the ops team (15%) and even security members they don’t know (14%). These splits are also present in the decision-maker camp.

All this is happening as both teams seek software to be compatible (38%) and easy to use (36%).

The findings lead Joe Drumgoole, Director of Developer Relations at MongoDB to call for DevSecOps as a way “to reconcile strong security with speed”.

“There is no security without first having functionality, so the responsibility should be naturally distributed across different organizations. Where companies are at risk is the battle of control and convenience taking place,” adds Drumgoole.

Lena Smart, CISO, MongoDB. adds: “When done properly, DevSecOps can provide deeper visibility and a better understanding of how resources are being used. It should become and remain a key part of an organisation’s development strategy.”