Study reveals the keys for digital transformation success

A recent study by Forrester and ThoughtWorks revealed that finding the right tech talent is a significant challenge for executives despite their enterprise modernization efforts.

Indeed, the study found out that many successful firms recruit and invest in knowledgeable staff and work with trusted partners in order to make up for the talent and skill gaps that exist within their ranks. 81% of decision-makers declared that using a trusted partner’s expertise is almost as important for success as choosing the right cloud infrastructure.

Moreover, it was reported that sustaining digital transformation success requires a continuous commitment to change management. As a result, only 46% of decision-makers stated that their organizations’ initiatives were part of a continuous improvement effort. However, those that did reveal that this was one of the most significant reasons for their organizations’ success.

The study showed that enterprise modernization took at least 12 months to demonstrate business value.

Besides, it was noted that prioritizing the business when defining a roadmap leads to better success. Respondents cited some of the most important goals such as improving customer experience, improving data insights or business intelligence, IT agility, customer retention, as well as the security of digital capabilities and infrastructure.

Hence, the study showcased that the business benefits of transformation efforts are many-fold, as successful organizations are able to gain increased agility and productivity while shortening time to market and significantly increasing customer satisfaction.