Study reveals the ROI of database DevOps

Redgate Software launched a new study, revealing the benefits DevOps has on stakeholders, providing a methodology for calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of introducing DevOps for the database.

ROI of Database DevOps research Whitepaper studied by experienced IT Director, David Linwood, discovered the key success factors of DevOps when undertaking an MSc research project.

Linwood assembled a list of the most cited DevOps metrics, comparing them with the views of IT professionals who practice DevOps over a six month period.

‘CEOs are concerned about higher revenues’

The results insight the top seven benefits of DevOps that emerged, which are headlined by faster speed and lower cost of releases, improved operational support and fixes, and a quicker time to market.

Linwood then studied the benefits from the perspective of the different stakeholders – the CEO, CIO and IT Manager.

Linwood said: “The only way to get a real understanding of the benefits of DevOps is to look at it through the lenses of those involved. CEOs, for example, are concerned about lower costs and higher revenues.

“CIOs, on the other hand, are more interested in cross-team collaboration. For IT Managers, higher performance and a reduction in defects are the major focus.”

‘Savings to be gained’

The second part of the research shows financial savings through adopting elements of DevOps for the database. The ROI of DevOps for applications shows database cannot be left behind, especially when tooling has emerged that integrates with infrastructure, which has already been put in place for applications.

However, according to Linwood, the value of introducing DevOps for the database can still be questioned.

Linwood shows the method of calculating the cost of software development, together with the cost of introducing new DevOps processes and tools.

‘DevOps for database is business imperative’

In database provisioning, continuous integration and automated deployment, and performance monitoring, substantial ROI figures emerge, demonstrating why DevOps for the database is now a “business imperative”.

Kate Duggan, Redgate Marketing Manager, added: “This whitepaper is an important step forward in validating DevOps for the database.

“DevOps for applications has already moved from the backroom to the boardroom. Including the database is the next natural step, and CEOs, CIOs, and IT Managers can now see the benefits of adopting it, and the ROI that justifies it.”

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Written from press release by Leah Alger