Study reveals a lack of sensitive data encryption in the cloud

A recent study by Thales found out that around 50% of businesses store more than 40% of their sensitive data in external cloud environments while only 17% have them encrypted in the cloud.

While encrypting data is an essential step in securing the cloud, it was reported that organizations must try to do more to protect themselves against sophisticated cyberattacks. In order to have full cloud security, it is vital that businesses encrypt their data in the cloud but also implement real-time threat detection and response.

With the rise in cyberattacks and the sophisticated methods of hackers, it has become a priority to protect sensitive data and personal information in the cloud. Indeed, once attackers have access, they will try to hide their tracks or move laterally between cloud services and the network to reach sensitive data, or even might stay on the network undetected.

Hence, the study shows the importance to have detection within the cloud, and not just prevention-focused tools that try to stop attackers from gaining access to systems.