Spotify to spend US$447million on Google’s Public Cloud

Over the next three years, Spotify announced its willingness to spend half a billion dollars on Google’s Public Cloud services.

Earlier this year, Spotify signed a contract saying it is to spend a minimum of US$447million on Google’s Cloud Platform in its first three years of service.

The music, podcast, and video streaming service also revealed last month that it’s to move all of its data to Google Cloud.

Cloud revenue

Similarly, last year, Snap said it would spend US$2billion over five years on Google’s Public Cloud services, or around US$400million per year.

Despite this, Spotify said it will pay Google up to US$149million per year, or US$37.25million per quarter – 3.7% of Google’s quarterly cloud revenue figure.

Before adopting Google Cloud, Spotify used Amazon Web Services.

Written by Leah Alger