SOTI announces first Enterprise Mobility Management solution

Supporting Linux, SOTI announced the first Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to manage mixed mobility and IoT deployments.

The new solution, SOTI MobiControl, will enable remote support of Linux-based devices, machines and intelligent IoT end-points, and will be available from 31 October 2017.

OS and app updates to patch vulnerabilities will be used, protecting Linux devices against unauthorised access and exploits, by hardening Linux end-points against attacks, ensuring devices are not left with default pass .

By 2020 there will be 30 billion devices connected to the internet, including billions of end-points from sensors, actuators, printers, scanners wearables robots and other devices not yet imagined, according to Gartner.

SOTI MobiControl 14 has many new functionalities to help IT departments reduce downtime and workload, decrease maintenance-related expenses and cut cost through automation and scheduling.

  • SOTI MobiControl 14 introduces a re-designed administration console that simplifies the management of large, complex mobility and IoT deployments. The re-design includes powerful search capabilities, new dynamic dashboards, and reporting enhancements that will empower IT Administrators to quickly troubleshoot and resolve mobile issues and improve visibility into their device deployments.
  • SOTI MobiControl 14 also adds enhanced API support to enable full automation of device and application management from strategic enterprise solutions. Additionally, it includes many enhancements to improve the management of Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows devices.

Graham Watts, principal product manager at SOTI, said: “We recognised a major gap in the marketplace: the need for a single, integrated solution to secure and easily manage mobile devices, as well as the dedicated-devices commonly in use by businesses.

“Mobility is changing the way we work. Businesses need to support mobile workers wherever they are – in the field, warehouse, storefront, or hospital room – no matter the form factor or OS.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger