Some Android and iOS apps are exposing data from the cloud

New research by Zimperium revealed that many apps are leaking data from the cloud due to misconfigurations.

Indeed, among the 84,000 Android apps and 47,000 apps that are currently using public cloud services from Microsoft, or Google, or Amazon, at least 14% have exposed personal user data from the cloud. These data can include passwords, security information, and health data.

This is due to misconfigurations in the cloud, which makes it easier for cybercriminals to access this personal information and even overwrite data. The research also highlighted that a lot of these apps have cloud storage that wasn’t configured properly by the developer, thus making the data visible to anyone.

Moreover, it was stated that these cloud services have some tools to fix these issues but it’s difficult for users to know if their information has been leaked because of these misconfigurations.