Software testing trends in 2016

According to at the CTO of Cigniti Technologies, following up from a 2015 categorised by the adoption of digital transformation, digital assurance take the stage in 2016.

Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO & President – Americas, highlights some key software testing trends for 2016.

Digital assurance

First on the list is digital assurance, which ensures successful digital transformation by executing comprehensive testing across the digital value chain from content creation to content distribution covering the entire digital ecosystem – social media, mobility, big data & analytics, and cloud.

Security testing

Vast amounts of data is accessed and shared via web-based, mobile and cloud-based applications. Cigniti predicts that security testing will become a strategic business priority for many organisations to curb data breach.

Test data management (TDM)

To create, manage and maintain complex data sets is a challenge especially while testing in agile and DevOps environments. This ensures a growing need for TDM services.

Agile TCoEs

Organisations today seek to set up agile TCoEs to be more flexible and collaborative with SDLC. Setting up customised, client-centric TCoEs is one of the key trends to watch out for this year.

Test automation

It will grow enormously with robust automated testing tools delivering bug-free, high-quality software. Test automation will drive the future of software testing and help avoid routine testing, enabling test engineers to focus on complex test scenarios.

Testing in agile & DevOps environments

Organisations gradually embracing agile and DevOps practices to reduce time to market, will gain the competitive edge.

Wearable and IoT testing

As big data is collected and exchanged across multiple channels and platforms, wearable and IoT testing is becoming unavoidable.

Telematics testing

With the growing demand for smarter automobiles, software testing and validation of automotive infotainment and telematics technologies is becoming crucial.

Quality engineering

Organisations are seeking comprehensive, collaborative and robust quality engineering (QE) Services beyond the traditional QA.

Service virtualisation

Service virtualisation will continue to play a significant role by the increasing adoption of agile & DevOps practices.


Edited from press release by Cecilia Rehn.