SMEs miss out on cloud tech benefits

Most UK SMEs are potentially missing out on huge benefits of cloud-technology due to a lack of time and understanding, according to Business Matters.

Through individuals using computers, phones and tablets to access information and services, the use of cloud technology has become “increasingly mainstream”.

Data dashboard provider, 9 Spokes, carried out a survey to find out if UK SMEs use cloud technology; the results found that a large proportion of SMEs are interested in using cloud-based apps and technology, and are aware of the benefits their business would receive in the cloud.

However, over 50% of survey participants declared they are too busy with other responsibilities to research news apps to meet their business needs.

Vice president at 9 Spokes, Andy Birch, said: “Both our research and our experience with our customers shows that those who do use cloud-based technology see significant benefits and that once they start, they continue to use these services in the long-term. It’s clear that while time is a huge problem, for those SMEs who can take the time to research and implement such solutions, the knock-on benefits are enormous.”

The survey also found that customer and employment management, and accounting and finance apps are most actively used by SMEs, with the majority of SMEs agreeing that these solutions are important to their business.

Birch added: “We know that appropriate business-specific apps can have a significant and measurable impact on SMEs’ business – increasing efficiency and productivity and supporting the process of making important decisions.

“Our goal is to overcome time management barriers by providing a selection of curated apps that will help small businesses narrow their search for the specific tool they need. That way, they can dedicate their time to what matters the most – growing their business.

“This is unfortunate as many of the best apps have invested heavily in providing user-friendly, light touch solutions for SMEs that are scalable and flexible in terms of what they offer, as well as their fee structured.”

Written by Leah Alger