Skills gap emerges in DevOps

As developers begin to make greater use of application container technologies, a survey conducted by Shippable has revealed that due to a lack of in-house DevOps skills, adoption of such technologies is slowing.

Embracing containers

Shippable’s survey, of over 300 US software developers, showed that 52% are using containers in the production of new applications and 14% said they are using application delivery technology in development and test situations. Also, a strong 89% of respondent said there were “somewhat likely” to use containers over the next 12 months.

Although, the survey also found factors that were slowing the adoption, such as a skills gap, but also a lack of mature container technologies that are not production ready. Security was also stated as a factor halting adoption.

Shippable CEO, Avi Cavale, said that while the “use of container technology is clearly on the rise, there are still hurdles to overcome.”

Cavale went on to say “companies can help themselves by training internal software teams and partnering with vendors and service providers that have worked with container technology extensively.”

The importance of adoption comes from early adopter of container technologies reporting considerable progress. According to the survey, three-quarters of adopters said they are shipping new applications at least 10% faster now.

Written by Jordan Platt