Siloed IT operations lead to lack of visibility and integration, says survey

According to the Public Sector IT Operations survey carried out by software producer Splunk: “DevOps could be the key to restoring confidence among public sector IT workers.”

The survey results found that at least 60% of IT decision makers and managers felt less confident carrying out their responsibilities than they did last year, because of siloing.

It stated that siloed IT operations could lead to a lack of visibility and integration, which is the number one concern for IT staff, along with the “skills gap among existing resources”.

Splunk Vice President for Public Sector Kevin Davis said: “One of the things the report brought back was that an average system outage has a 44-hour downtime and takes 12.5 staff members working.”

‘DevOps help address silo issues’

The study stated that investing in DevOps could help address silo issues and other challenges.

Bill Emmett, Developer of Product Marketing for IT Operations at Splunk added: “Stronger DevOps basically means having a tighter integration between developers that are developing new systems and the operation teams that are deploying them and keeping them up and running.”

“By having a tighter relationship, it ensures things like being able to reduce the amount of downtime incidences and the time required to recover.”

29% of respondents also noted that they anticipated an increase in on-site spending.

The Ponemon Institute surveyed 1,227 government IT managers and decision makers.

Written by Leah Alger

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