Serverless technology skyrockets over multi-cloud adoption

Sumo Logic’s third annual ‘State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud’ report highlights trends and visibility into the DevSecOps tools and solutions that are used within organisations that adopt multi-cloud strategies as they “lift and shift” or modernise and migrate existing applications.

The report provides a rich analysis of mission-critical modern applications and cloud infrastructures running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Multi-cloud technologies

It found that Azure adoption grew from 10%  (2017) to 15% (2018); adoption of multi-cloud technologies grew from 6% (2017) to 9% (2018) and that the percentage of exclusively on-premises workloads has decreased dramatically from 26% (2017) to 16% (2018).

“For the past two years, Sumo Logic has delivered the first and only industry report that quantitatively defines the state of the modern application stack,” said Kalyan Ramanathan, VP of product marketing, Sumo Logic, in a press release.

Tools & processes

“Working with our customers, we continue to see rapid advances in tools and processes used by various enterprise personas to build, run and secure modern applications, and we’re now extending our analysis to DevSecOps, an innovative trend for developing, securing and operating modern applications that are growing rapidly in adoption amongst our customers.”

The report also found that AWS Docker adoption has grown from 24% (2017) to 28% (2018), and nearly 30% adopted AWS Lambda when in production compared to 23% in 2017.

Written by Leah Alger