Serianu to partner with GCA for better cybersecurity tools in Kenya

It was recently announced that Serianu has started a partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) in order to give Kenyan private and public sector organizations better access to cyber risk management tools.


This partnership will allow institutions to lower the impact of cybersecurity attacks by leveraging the combined research and tools that will offer a proactive defense of intrusions into systems.


Indeed, the cost of cybercrime in Africa goes up to three billion dollars, as cyber attackers target the financial sector as well as manufacturing, government, and individual mobile devices. Making available affordable, effective, and modern solutions and tools to prevent these cyberattacks are even more vital as most institutions cannot afford cutting-edge cybersecurity tools.


Hence, the partnership will provide more affordable tools to lower the losses due to cybercrimes. The key takeaway from this mission is to enhance cybersecurity hygiene and mitigate known cyber threats within SMEs in Africa.