Security training needs to be implemented to face the new threats

As cyber threats are evolving and becoming more and more dangerous, it is now a necessity to train appropriately developers and security specialists in order to fight back and protect their organizations efficiently.  Thus, DevSecOps is on the rise, allowing developers to be a bigger part of the security journey from the very beginning of the software development process. They will have a key role in protecting the software against cybercriminals as they will be able to reduce common vulnerabilities easily and quickly.


In order to achieve that, developers need to receive proper training and relevant programs, so they are fully prepared to face various cyberattacks and security breaches. Hence, the best approach for this is to have a contextual, hands-on education, delivering in relevant programming languages and frameworks, with challenges that imitate real-world issues.


One way of doing that is through scaffolded training where developers learn how to improve previous experience all the while building on new skills, allowing them to better tackle increasingly difficult tasks. This also enables developers to be the masters of their domain and use their time efficiently.


Thus, learning to code safely in a relevant environment is vital for developers to improve their skills, yet they still need to learn how to tackle a vulnerable code in real-life. Indeed, experiencing directly what security vulnerabilities can do is essential to learning how to avoid them. It will only make developers truly understand the importance of security code.


Developers usually don’t have good training in security training, and it is often not their priority. However, with the rise in security breaches and data at risk, it is now becoming vital that they are fully prepared. Having a DevSecOps process would help developers to work together with the security team from the very beginning and give them the relevant training and knowledge to face security vulnerabilities.