Security to drive open-source adoption

A new developer survey by AWS revealed that many companies’ attitudes toward open source have changed immensely over the past few years and it would seem. that now, one of their biggest drivers of is security.


Indeed, organizations are now putting more emphasis on open source to foster business agility rather than on anything else. Low costs still remain a driver for open-source adoption, but security has taken its place at the top of the list.


Yet, this seems rather unexpected as many concerns were raised about open-source security due to the fact that it is open. Indeed, hackers can easily discover vulnerabilities in code and exploit them. Developers are thus always trying to make open-source code more secure.


Yet, it has become quite clear that even though open-source software isn’t completely secure, it offers a better process for securing code. When bugs are found out in open-source code, they can be quickly fixed due to the open process. However, this doesn’t guarantee that all users will apply the fixes to their code.


Security is a process and open source is the best way to deliver that process, hence driving companies to develop more low-cost, high-quality, and secure software.