Scrum Alliance says ‘the future is agile’

The largest certifying body in the agile community Scrum Alliance today released its annual report State of Scrum 2017-2018, showing agile transformation is firmly on the horizon for organisations around the world.

Approximately 50% of respondents reported current involvement in an agile transformation, and those not currently involved in an agile transformation anticipate one in the future.

“The future is agile. It’s more exciting than surprising to see a majority of respondents either involved in or anticipating agile transformations. It’s something that’s been in the collective subconscious of the business world for years now,” said Scrum Alliance CEO, Lisa Hershman.

‘Digital transformation has steadily increased’

The report found that, as digital transformation has steadily increased, there is a demand for faster turnarounds, user-friendly platforms, and flexible goals as modern businesses demand more agile workflows.

Hershman continued: “Frameworks like scrum make agile accessible to departments, teams, and enterprises alike.

“Companies clinging to waterfall, top-down management styles don’t have the adaptability to keep up in the age of disruptive innovation.”

More than 2,000 scrum professionals responded to the 2017-2018 survey, representing 91 countries and 27 industries.

Written from press release by Leah Alger