Scality puts forward predictions for 2018

Giorgio Regni, CTO of Scality, a global company based in San Francisco that develops software-defined object storage, looks at how DevOps transforms traditional computing standards and puts forward predictions for the new year

Cloud will enable all IT

DevOps is killing off traditional IT infrastructure as it demands a service-driven organisation that delivers agreed SLAs to the business. We expect central IT services will essentially become service providers to their own organisations and enable cloud-like IT services for storage, network, computer, database and web services.

DevOps will be adopted by every large enterprise

We are seeing DevOps style programming grow in popularity. This is driven by public cloud adoption. The public cloud services, led by Amazon, have changed expectations on how to write and define applications. It is the forcing function that is driving adoption of DevOps style coding practices. As organisations are now evolving towards multi-cloud service organisations (both public and private cloud), they expect to run services on premises just like they would in the public cloud.

Serverless computing

DevOps is evolving to become a more dynamic architecture using technologies such as lambda and microservices. We expect that 2018 will see a large increase in interest for this area but that real production deployment will lag.

Open/common standards

The interfaces and APIs which are essential for DevOps in the storage space will become increasingly standardised. We expect this will lead to the Amazon S3 API becoming the de facto standard.

Written by Scality