Sauce Labs acquires Screener and releases Sauce Headless

Sauce Labs announced on Wednesday (April.24th) that it has acquired Screener, a leading provider of automated visual testing solutions, for an undisclosed amount.

Screener allows enterprises to test their UI across several different browsers, devices, and operating systems to automatically detect and identify any visual mistakes for easier integration into the DevOps workflow.

Sauce Labs

With the acquisition, Sauce Labs can integrate visual testing into the functional testing workflow, enabling users to deploy both visual and functional testing without sacrificing the convenience and simplicity of working with a single vendor.

It also allows developers to test individual UI components to get the fast feedback in the beginning stages of the development lifecycle.

For most organisations with a large online presence, the visual accuracy of their application has a significant impact on how customers interact with their business. With solution for both end-to-end visual testing as well as front-end visual component testing, screener allows user to:

– Build and run their own visual tests.

– Automate test flows in minutes

– Use DOM snapshots to identify the differences in an app by looking at both visual and programmatic data

– Ignore areas based on element identification

– Store baselines and seamlessly manage entire test lifecycle in the cloud

Sauce Headless

At the same time, the company also announced that it has released Sauce Headless, an offering that provides cloud-based headless browser testing on containers to facilitate fast and affordable early pipeline testing.

It leverages Chrome and Fox browsers on Linux in a container-based infrastructure so development can detect any issues early and keep the pipeline moving by testing on every commit.