Samsung Cloud to delete third-party apps

Samsung announced that, by 6 February 2018, it will stop supporting backups and third-party apps on its cloud storage service Samsung Cloud.

The technology company revealed the change of policy in an email to Samsung Cloud users, as it is to immediately delete any third-party app backups on the day.

The Samsung email said: “After this change, you will not be able to back up app data or restore previously backed up app data in Samsung Cloud. Customers who need to back up app data should do so using the backup and restore features provided by the application itself.

“Please note that you can continue to use the Secure Folder backup and restore service even after the change to the Samsung Cloud service policy, and it only affects app data backup and restore.

“After this change, we will promptly destroy your personal information that was collected for the purpose of delivering the service.

“However, if there is the obligation to retain information in accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutes, the information shall be retained, and immediately destroyed after the expiration of the retention period prescribed by current and applicable regulations.”

Samsung Cloud will still be offering its 15GBs of free storage, where you can upload personal files and documents.

Users looking for an alternative to use third-party apps may want to consider switching to Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app.

Written by Leah Alger