Rise in cloud impacts data protection

A recent study by Veeam revealed that the rise in cloud migration had a significant impact on data protection.

Indeed, it was reported that the increased use of cloud made backup processes almost unrecognizable from a decade ago as physical and virtual servers on-site decline. It was found out that the cloud as a location for data protection is rising since before the pandemic.

The study showed that the use of physical servers in the customer datacentre will decline from 38% to 24% in 2023. Besides, the use of virtual machines in the data center will also decrease from 30% in 2020 to 24% in 2023. On the other hand, the use of virtual machines in the cloud is expected to increase from 32% to 52% in 2023.

It was stated that the cloud is set to be the new mainstream location for high priority and normal production workloads. Only 7% were reported to have repatriated their cloud workloads back in-house.

40% also reported that they were using the cloud as a DR and secondary data location, while only 19% said they were not using any cloud services as part of their DR strategy.

The challenges regarding cloud DR include network configuration, connecting users in the office, securing the remote site, and connecting home workers. Most people are almost concerned about security, using a third-party DR location, cloud infrastructure being too expensive, the existing use of multiple datacentres for data protection, and a lack of manageability in cloud DR.