Rexel hires Siemens for energy saving solutions

Electrical wholesaler Rexel Austria is hiring Siemens to deliver a cloud-based energy monitoring system with the aim to help reduce annual energy consumption by 15%.

The German digital pioneer will be supplying Rexel with 66 communication-capable 7KM PAC 1500 and 7KM PAC 4200 power measuring devices, power management energy monitoring software, and connection to its IoT operating system, MindSphere.

Power consumption values

Siemens developers who are in collaboration with Rexel will also be programming an app that analyses current power consumption values, in order for Rexel to control its potential savings while developing a new business model.

The device will have the ability to record energy flows in Rexel’s central warehouse and will be connected to MindSphere to supply data on how much energy each machine is using per activity.a

Energy technology

The data it stores will serve as the basis for operational energy management and can be used in various energy consumption analyses.

Using the new energy technology, Rexel hopes to save 150,000 kWh of electricity per year with no loss of quality or convenience.

Rexel also hopes to sell energy saving solutions to SMEs in different sectors using its new technology.

Written by Leah Alger