Research shows 93% of enterprises face application delivery challenges

Datical, the leading provider of database release automation, today announced the results of an independent survey that found enterprise application teams are more hindered than ever by database teams to accelerate application updates.

According to The State of Database Deployments in Application Delivery survey, 90% of enterprise application teams face pressure to release applications more quickly, 93% have application delivery challenges because of database deployments, and 71% reported more than 50% of all significant application changes require database changes.

Database release automation

Incredibly, a majority of enterprises admitted to still manually reviewing, validating and deploying database changes, with 93% reporting challenges accelerating their database deployments, and 91% saying that they need to rework database changes multiple times to make sure they are production-ready.

Without database release automation, updating a mission-critical database to support an application change is a laborious, risky and time-consuming process that relies too heavily on human intervention.

Robert Reeves, co-founder and CTO at Datical, commented: “Because data is the most valuable asset an enterprise has, database deployments are a real challenge and must be managed very carefully. Sadly, database deployments have been widely ignored, in large part due to the high complexity and risk.

Application delivery pipeline

“These survey findings validate that if we continue the status quo, we will fail. It is beyond time to automate the database release process, just as we’ve done for the infrastructure provisioning and application release processes, to create a seamless and unified application delivery pipeline.

“As software professionals, we must ensure innovation and great customer experiences are brought to market faster for our companies.”

As application teams feel the increased pressure to release new, high-quality application innovation faster, enterprises are realising the need to include the database in their overall application delivery strategy.

Reduced application downtime

Diane Hagglund, principal researcher at Dimensional Research, commented: “As the research reveals, database deployments are a bottleneck that slows down the business and put application performance at risk.

“The good news is that the data also shows that there are clear and tangible benefits for all teams when database release automation is adopted.”

The research was conducted by a total of 303 individuals from large organisations from a range of vertical sectors at the end of February 2018.

Written from press release by Leah Alger