Report reveals the growing importance of low-code/no-code tech for businesses

A recent report by Creatio revealed the growing importance of low-code/no-code technology in helping businesses simplify development and automate processes.

No-code technology allows citizens developers to create new software more easily. Low-code, on the other hand, has helped IT developers create mission-critical custom applications.

It was then reported that more than 1,000 IT, digital, and business leaders are thinking about using low-code tech as part of their digital transformation efforts. Indeed, business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the potential for these platforms. Yet, they lack experience. 38% of respondents stated that one of the top benefits of adopting low-code/no-code was the accelerated time-to-market.

Moreover, the study found out that these tools were being implemented for custom app development inside separate business units such as sales and marketing, service, human resources, or finance.

Hence, it was showed that high usability and access to training and support are vital in order to successfully adopt low-code solutions.