Report recommends to adopt new approach to security

According to a new report by ShareGate, it is recommended that businesses adopt a new approach to security while millions are working remotely.

Indeed, it was advised that security leaders should give users more freedom to manage Microsoft 365 features combined with clear data governance guidance, thus allowing a better balance to get work done without compromising security. Besides, the study showed that IT teams need to tackle security as a team in the workplace in order to share the responsibility.

Moreover, it was reported that end-users should decide how best to collaborate and communicate while keeping sensitive information secure, as long as they receive advice from IT. Hence, the study encourages that IT acts as a coach and not as a guard.

It was also showed that 84% of IT admins believe that having the self-service functionality in Microsoft 365 will save both time and money if users receive the right guidance from IT. Having the right government is vital to ensure the security of identity, data, and devices, especially as external sharing is growing.