Remote security is affecting millions of IoT devices, says report

According to a report by Senrio, remote security is affecting millions of IoT devices; making them vulnerable to cyber security attacks.

The company found issues in Axis Communications security cameras, with the problem called gSOAP ‘lying deep’ in its communication layer.

A tool kit created by Genivia called gSoap, which has been downloaded over 1 million times, reported that most downloads are likely to be involved by developers, including large companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Abode and Xero, according to Tech News World.

Genivia’s CEO, Robert van Engelen, announced that Genivia issued a new patch for gSOAP within 24 hours of being alerted about the vulnerability, noting customers of the issue.

“The trigger happens when at least 2GB of XML data is uploaded to a web server. This bug was not discovered by proprietary static analysis tools or by our source code users who looked at the source code since 2002,” explained van Engelen.

Van Engelen also noted that the bug was triggered by an intended integer underflow, followed by a second unintended integer underflow.

Dustin Childs, CEO at a security software company called Trend Micro, concluded that vendors need to audit components appropriately for security purposes.

Written by Leah Alger

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