Reinforcing organisations’ cybersecurity with AI

It was recently reported by the Capgemini Research Institute that organizations should reinforce their cybersecurity defenses with artificial intelligence (AI).

Indeed, the growth of AI in recent years showed that it could help deal with the complexity and ever-increasing cyberattacks. AI systems are able to detect malware, recognize patterns, and detect new threats and behaviors that could indicate malware and ransomware attacks.

Moreover, AI can also protect endpoints by establishing a baseline of behavior for endpoints and flagging for immediate action anything that is out of the ordinary. Besides, AI and machine learning (ML) can build a comprehensive understanding of web traffic and reinforce developers’ ability to differentiate between threats.

As cybercrimes are evolving quickly, using AI and ML to help protect businesses and people is more than necessary. By automating threat detection and multiple defenses, organizations will be able to stop the malware before it can start to cause issues.